Custom Lubbock VIP Cards

The Ultimate Customer Gift and Fundraiser

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Your Info, Our Discounts

Your Custom Lubbock VIP Cards would still provide all 35 Great Discounts but would feature your information on the front and back of the actual card!

Wallet Friendly Sleeve

Your Custom VIP Cards will come in a wallet friendly sleeve that shows all participating companies on one side and all of the discounts on the other.

Sleeve Front | Sleeve Back

Valid until 8/31.....2017!!!

Unlike Standard VIP Cards, your Custom VIP Cards would be valid until 8/31…..2017! ¬†This will give your customers over a year of unlimited use discounts!

How would you use your Custom VIP Cards?


Custom Appreciation Gifts


Sell them for extra income


Business Card everyone would keep


Year Round Marketing Tool

Examples of Custom VIP Cards

Who would benefit from using Custom Lubbock VIP Cards?

Apartment Complexes

Use Custom Lubbock VIP Cards as appreciation gifts for your current and future tenants.


Give your customers an appreciate gift that will have them looking at your business info all year long!  You can also sell your Custom Cards!


Make OVER $15 per card while having the card completely customized with your fundraiser’s information!


Lawyers, Real Estate Agents, Salesman etc.  Make your business card a VIP Card and people will never throw away your business card again!

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How much does it cost?

Much cheaper than you would expect…….Fill in your email address to instantly see the current pricing for the Custom Lubbock VIP Cards… can also fill in the form below if you have questions.

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