Lubbock Fundraising just got easy with The Lubbock VIP Card!

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Don’t know what the Lubbock VIP Card is…..Find out more details here

Sell Online (Earn $5 Per Card Sold) by listing Your Fundraiser on

Simply Fill Out the form at the bottom of this page with your Fundraiser’s information and once your group is added(in a few days), you will earn 25% of any purchase where an individual selects your group at checkout. We handle the payment, ship the cards, and pay you once a month.

Want to make more than $5 for Every $20 Card sold?

Purchase VIP Cards in Bulk (Make $15 Per Card Sold)

Purchase Lubbock VIP Cards in bulk at $5 Each and sell them for $20($15 Profit). You must purchase 20 or more VIP Cards to get them at a price of $5 per card.

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Can’t Decide? ┬áDon’t worry, you can sell online & in Person!

Online Fundraising ($5 Per Card Sold)

Add Your Fundraiser to The Checkout Screen

You will get 25% of any online sale when your fundraiser is selected at checkout. We handle the shipping of the VIP Card just tell people about the card and we pay you your commissions every month!
  • We Will contact this Fundraiser at the email below once your group is added to the checkout screen.

Purchase VIP Cards in Bulk @ $5 Each

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